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Tarzano GSA -YM-Conde Munoz-Terry- Bohorquez-Cardenas 173 cm 2012 - Gold medal PRECUP 2015 Sektion 6

Tarzano GSA - for us the perfection of the PRE - his morphologic is quadradic every angle is just as it should be ( his apto basico notes were all 10 ), a very straight classic side face, a lot of bones combined with handsome gaits makes him just spectalucar. His majestic 173 cm tall size in combination with his outstanding and rare colour and Cartusian YM and Bohorquez bloodlines gives him the attribute of being unique in his breed. He is not selected by his colour; only quality, which he has shown at his first morphologic contest PRECUP 2015 with high punction. He shows us every day by being sweet and gentle, willing and highly trainable that he is and will stay one of the funding stallions of our stud. His genetic is ggEeaaCcrPrlp - Tarzano GSA does not cover foreign mares, we will sell very exclusive offspring in the future, we don´t want to commercialize this rare and unique bloodline. He will continue with hith classical dressage training, will compete at morphologics and dressage competitions.