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Verkaufspferde - horses for sale

If you keep following our stud you see that our own bred horses have been quickly sold all over the world. We don´t want to breed a highter quantiy as we want to stay different..Our horses are all extremly well selected and are educated and kept under our very meticulous expectations.

If you want to buy a horse there are a hand full of always the same dealers which mostly don´t know "their" horses themself, or worse.. buy them from another dealers. The clients which are asking us to find them the right horse can trust that not one horse we buy is selected by other criterias as if they were bought for us. This is absolutly difficult as we want to buy from private persons where we can see where the horse has been his life long. All the horses we do offer come with best education which you know from our stud. These horses are used to all daily situations alone and with others..We mostly did a vet check ourselfs yet and we train them on a classical "Anja Beran" way, as well as horsemanship and hack them all out regulary. As we are fighters to maintain an 4x4 heavy baroque style of horse, it takes some time to find the right horse which really fulfills all these criterias ...But trust us; we do only sell what we also would love to own...

Traumpferd wird an passendes Traum zu Hause abgegeben

Curiosa wird nur wegen privaten Umständen aus Zeitmangel an die besten Hände abgegeben. Sie vereint alles was man sich bei einem PRE wünscht, extreme barocke Schönheit, unglaubliche Intelligenz und eine überdurchschnittliche Lernbereitschaft, Temperament gepaart mit tiefer innerer Ruhe und Unerschrockenheit. Curiosa hat gerade ihr erstes Fohlen bei Fuß und wird nach dem Absetzen im Herbst abgegeben. Sie ist ganz besonders fein vom Boden aus gearbeitet ( ist noch nicht geritten ), beginnt dort schon mehrere Seitengänge und reagiert auf die allerfeinsten Hilfen. Im Gelände fühlt sie sich so richtig zu Hause! Sie geht stundenlang überall alleine mit einem hin, absolut tiefenentspannt und zuckt nicht einmal zusammen wenn mehrere Rehe an dem Holz heraus brechen. Sie ist ein sehr anhängliches und liebesbedürftiges sensibles Pferd, wird nur an wirklich liebevolle Hände die das zu schätzen wissen abgegeben mit täglich Weide und Paddock. Natürlich ist Curiosa gekört und lief auch schon Zuchtschauen, sie ist ganz einfach zu verladen sie ist die Tochter von Senado ( calificado YM ) mütterlich Cartujano sie hat ein Fuchsgen und nur ein Schimmelgen und spektakuläre Gänge also auch zur Zucht bestens geeignet. Preisanfrage bitte per e mail oder WhatsApp 017623771159 oder gestuet (at)  




Spectacular 7 year old Gelding one in a Million horse SOLD VERKAUFT Congratulations

This recent gelded stallion is a dream came true horse, he includes all what a PRE should have; endless noble character, never ever nasty, just kind and absolute gentleman. Very comfortable ride, forward going not lazy, super soft mouth and leg, a horse to enjoy in every way, classical dressage such as hacking... Super easy to have, showering, clipping, shoeing, loading; lorry or trailer... The sweetest heart to imagine with other horses.. And first of all an eye catching  beauty.  

5 year old broodmare with Prl Gene out of unique bloodline top quality SOLD - VERKAUFT

Gloria is an massive baroque sweet mare with highest qualities, in movement such as morphologic and character. As she has a foal by side she will stay for free at our stud till end of October.

Naya II wunderschöne gangstarke Stute VERKAUFT SOLD



SOLD Congratulations - Verkauft herzlichen Glückwunsch

For sale our 4 year old 170 cm stallion Jardinero OC very fine basic ridden, super movements and excellent character very gentle and super friendly.

The most outstanding young stallion to imagine for sale - SOLD -

We offer for sale the wonderful Quitador de Cuenca, he is private horse of the stud owner, super good, fine under saddle, super sensitive and motivated. Has successfully competed at morphological contests in Spain. He is getting 4 years 2020 absolutely sound and easy in every way, very good fine basic and very safe out hacking. He is a gentleman and very sweet heart. Only to best hands with paddock and pasture,forever home otherwise won’t be sold!

In Utero foal 2020 for sale ( SOLD )

This foal is able to purchase in utero under born price 2020 or able to be reserved. The mother is our fantastic chestnut mare Glady ( nick name ) her complete ANCCE name is to be asked. Very unique quality nearly impossible to find at the common colour market, outstanding movements and confirmation. The father of the foal is an 170 cm tall Perla stallion( Named Espada V ) also with chestnut gene, mother has the base black as well, aa . So the foal will 100 % be Perlino ( with the possibility of this super rare gen code ggeeaaPrlpCcr !! ) or golden dark Palomino or smuddy buckskin or golden buckskin. The foal if purchased in utero is sold with life guarantee and of course all inscriptions branding and free stay till weaning.   

Interested in one of our horses not put under " sale " ? Just ask us, every serious breeder should be able to sell nearly every horse...Any special wish? Just let us know.

CUPIDA GSA ( absolute Gelegenheit in beste Hände )

 Cupida GSA verkauft

TOP quality 2019 in utero foal for sale SOLD

This foal out of most outstanding parents will be born 2019, now it is possible to purchase it under future selling price. It will be extremly tall, good moving, buckskin, or bay with Prl Gene. The mother is our 179 cm tall premium mare, Letizia XI is out of most famous calificado Miguel Bohorquez line, Lebrijano XLI ( calificado) out famous Trianero XXIV ( calificado) her calificada grandmother Andaluza XCIII is the mother of the calificado super mare of Yeguada ANDIC: Ingeniosa Mango, from mother side she is full of legendary names, her mother from Yeguada BIONEST is the sister of famous and actual and 2017 SICAB champion HEBREO BIO , Letizia´s dam side granfather is the also calificado legendary Limeno XXXII ( his grandmother is the mother of ELITE classified stallion Utrerano / father of actual wolrd champion 2018 ) and direct son of Olimpic star EVENTO( Elite graded only 3 horses worldwide ! ).

The father of the following foal is the son of the 175 cm tall Ismaeli, son of Lastur, his mother is the full sister of our two ex breeding mares Emperatriz and Graciosa ( mothers of Milenio GSA and Bavaria GSA ) for the ones who remember our horses. Sultan PM II is standing 173 cm with 3 years, very good confirmation and character. This foal will be wolrd top class in a special coat..Don´t miss that chance to purchase a future star. Further information please contact us directly.

Foal for sale Tantris GSA - brother of world champion Vagabundo XX and grandson of Digital top quality ! SOLD !

Tantris GSA son of super famous Vagabundo XII out of Digital and brother of 2016 world sicab winner Vagabundo XX. Different to his very few brothers, he is out of an extraordenary mare, chestnut and champion mother. Tantris GSA will certainly get about 173 - 176 cm , he is already absolutly perfect, super moving and very very funny clever and sweet. For his price please contact us, best home prefered, someone who is searching an top quality dressage horse or show champion, as well as breeding stallion with his top genetic.