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Aurea GSA - Ara Icaro - Lucera CVIII

Tiberius GSA - from Tarzano GSA and Victoria ( Escalera )

Quebranto GSA ( sold to USA ) - FER Davinchi - Hacendada CA

Invictus GSA - Prometido MP - Daba

Mariposa GSA ( sold to USA ) Ara Icaro - Emperatriz XLV ( for sale )

Trinidad GSA - Ara Icaro - Trajana YR

Admira GSA ( sold to Spain ) Vinatera Maynou

Foals 2014/15 - la camada - offspring 2014/15 Viktoria - Rumboso MIB - Flavia GSA born 31.03.2015

Bonita - Belcebù - Bambina GSA - born 13.03.2015


UDINE GSA - isabel cold - PrlPrl - born 30.12.2014

Trajana YR ( ggeeAaff ) - Oro PM ( ggEeAaCcr ) expected 21.03.2014

AVENTURA GSA born 26.03.2014 - 14: 30 o clock dark chestnut filly

Emperatriz LXV ( ggEeAaccr ) - Oro PM (ggEeAaCcr ) expected 30.05.2014

Maxima GSA geb. 04.06.2014 - red buckskin

Jaquetona VLR ( sold to Sweden ) ! Oro PM expected 26 of May 2014

Regalo - Perla colt born in Sweden congratulations to his owner!

Daba (ggeeAaff ) M Beckham (ggeeAaCcrff ) expected 16.06.2014

Binguero GSA - geb. 15.06.2014 flaxen chestnut


Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019, 19:09 Uhr
Topolina GSA - potra Perlina linea GSA nacida 2017 -
Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2019, 10:54 Uhr
The wonderful most adored Letizia XI 180 cm top genetic united with outstanding morphology and best character... Happy to have and love her...Thank you dear Stephanie...
Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019, 10:31 Uhr
Topolina GSA 1 year old filly
Samstag, 12. Januar 2019, 06:58 Uhr
Trinidad GSA potra de 2 años - criamos caballos para los amantes del PRE cuadrado barroco y con mucha raza...😉
Montag, 07. Januar 2019, 10:55 Uhr
TOP quality 2019 in utero foal for sale This foal out of most outstanding parents will be born 2019, now it is possible to purchase it under future selling price. It will be extremly tall, good moving, buckskin, or bay with Prl Gene. The mother is our 180 cm tall premium mare, Letizia XI is out of most famous calificado Miguel Bohorquez line, Lebrijano XLI ( calificado) out famous Trianero XXIV ( calificado) her calificada grandmother Andaluza XCIII is the mother of the calificado super mare of Yeguada ANDIC: Ingeniosa Mango, from mother side she is full of legendary names, her mother from Yeguada BIONEST is the sister of famous and actual and 2017 SICAB champion HEBREO BIO , Letizia´s dam side granfather is the also calificado legendary Limeno XXXII ( his grandmother is the mother of ELITE classified stallion Utrerano / father of actual wolrd champion 2018 ) and direct son of Olimpic star EVENTO( Elite graded only 3 horses worldwide ! ). The father of the following foal is the son of the 175 cm tall Ismaeli, son of Lastur, his mother is the full sister of our two ex breeding mares Emperatriz and Graciosa ( mothers of Milenio GSA and Bavaria GSA ) for the ones who remember our horses. Sultan PM II is standing 173 cm with 3 years, very good confirmation and character. This foal will be wolrd top class in a special coat..Don´t miss that chance to purchase a future star. Further information please contact us directly. or visit our homepage
Samstag, 05. Januar 2019, 18:08 Uhr
Two big mouses Topolina GSA and Polli
Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2018, 18:16 Uhr
We say goodbye to 2018 with a little variety of " GSA " foals ...Thankful that all all went out so well, a little wonder as well, a 4 weeks too early red bag foal survived with power care and love and became a beauty, all the others are growing into future stars and all loved and cared every day...For the ones who can´t wait to see the new ones 2019, i can recomment this link where we do have a very very special foal in utero for sale - Have a wonderful sound and happy NEW YEAR 2019 !!
Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2018, 10:50 Uhr
The last days of the year are golden... Topolina GSA

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