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Stud facility

Schloss Amerang stud is situated in linear distance between Munich and Salzburg nestled on 400 ha own area in the lovely countryside of the Chiemgau! The stud facility consists of 6 buildings and the farm. The buildings are horseshoe-shaped around the 64 x 23 m outdoor dressage arena. Furthermore, there is a 20 m roundpen and horse walker, the main barn, the stallion barn, 20 x 40 m indoor arena, the hay warehouse and young sire Dependance as well as a roofed and lighted area where three horses can be washed at the same time. The main stable offers place for at least 30 horses and is divided by a central wing where you can find the saddle room, hay, chip storage and hot water washing area. The whole stable was built from domestic wood and covered with clay tiles to sustain a comfortable atmospheric environment being moisture regulating and providing extra insulation from the cold in winter and the heat in the summer. The whole stable as well as the foal stalls and the pastures have round-the-clock video monitoring. Error alarms at the pasture fences are sent via SMS to ensure the greatest levels of safety.

How we keep our mares...

Our mares and youngsters live together in herds in 250 m boxes with direct access to the 1000 m sand paddocks with hayshelters. From there they can go into the large pastures which are often almost 1 km long. We attach particular importance to keep the horses in mixed ages since you won’t ever find a herd in nature comprising only yearlings and two year old horses. Thus, we see for natural learning process from cooperation according to the horses‘ nature where they form hierarchies and learn to subordinate or prevail. Within such a herd birth as well as later separation is completely natural. Of course, we support every birth and offer the mare maximum relaxed atmosphere and thus, we become a reference person for the foals from their very first breathe.

How we keep our stallions…

Our stallions are kept side by side in paddock boxes to enable the stallions to socialize and scratch each other. Iron bars only exist between the boxes. From his 200 m² paddock each stallion has free view to the stable lane and can take actively part in what is going on outside. Of course, each stallion enjoys his daily pasture for 10-24 hours all year. From an early age they are trained with body language. Being grown-up they can be brought to the mares just with a loose rope. Contact with other stallions and mares is completely stress-free. There’s no arguing about hierarchy and the stallion can subordinate easily.



Training of our horses…

Our horses are trained in twos according to the classic principles i.e. with respect and harmony, always calm and gentle, individually tailored to each horse with easily understandable aids. Training starts from the very earliest age, always adapted to the horse’s learning rate. After having been separated from their mother in the age of 6 months we take our foals for a walk in the wook for half an hour before they enjoy a refreshing shower in the summer. This is how they learn to combine any activities with fun. Our training program is based on the theories of Anja Beran. Toni Carreras and Guilia von Crailsheim started to ride when they were just 3 years old and continously update and expand their knowledge. Each training is different according to the requirements of each individual horse. We put a very high value on bringing fun into the daily work with rides in the woods, ground work, training on the lunge and under saddle.




Saturday, 30. March 2019, 15:21 Uhr
Padua GSA sold to the most outstanding beautiful hands to imagine, would´t have sold her to any other hands like to her new owner... A filly which has to give sooo much, will now continuie her life beside a wonderful person giving her a new paradise home...All the best the for the both of you ! Happy to have her here till october to see her develop ; )
Wednesday, 20. March 2019, 18:37 Uhr
Bambolera GSA
Thursday, 14. March 2019, 17:00 Uhr
Hacendada CA and her wonderful GSA daughters..
Tuesday, 12. March 2019, 09:26 Uhr
Have a nice start into this week ! Many regards by GSA
Tuesday, 05. March 2019, 17:29 Uhr
Wir suchen DICH ! Minijob für Urlaubsvertretung und 6 Stunden die Woche an 1 - 1,5 Tagen die Woche gesucht. Wir brauchen Heu und ein sauberes Bett, freuen uns wenn Du uns lieb hast und uns verstehst, da wir Pferde keine Feiertage kennen wäre Verständnis hierfür eine gute Voraussetzung 😉Wenn unser Hauptfuttergeber einmal krank ist brauchen wir Dich auch! Wir bieten ein gutes Gehalt und sind sehr liebe verschmuste Vierbeiner in einem hübschen und Pferdefreundlichem zu Hause, Danke wer das teilt ♥️
Thursday, 28. February 2019, 17:08 Uhr
Padua GSA Double Flaxen filly for sale, top education will get very barock, most outstanding quality and character.
Thursday, 28. February 2019, 08:29 Uhr
Milenio GSA
Sunday, 24. February 2019, 16:54 Uhr
Flavia GSA

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